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diene polymerization
Molecular formula :

nature : from double-vinyl monomer (usually conjugated olefin monomer) in the polymerization reaction. The synthetic rubber is very important category of a polymerization reaction. For example, 1,3-butadiene polymerization as butadiene rubber and styrene copolymer in styrene-butadiene rubber, acrylonitrile copolymer in with the NBR.

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More Detailed Data:
1) polymerization
2) polymerization
3) polymerization
4) polymerization
5) diene polymer
6) diene polymer
7) 3 β-hydroxy progesterone steroidal -5,16-diene -20-one -3-acetate
8) 3 β-hydroxy-progesterone steroidal -5,16-diene -20-one -3-acetate;Pregnant steroidal -5,16-β-diene-3-ol -20-one -3-acetate;3 β-acetoxy-pregna-5 , 16-diene -20-ketone;acetate pregnancy enolase ketone;acetate pregnancy-enolase ketone;Double-ene;acetate pregnancy-enolase ketone;one-enolase acetate;pregna-keto-enol
9) polymer
10) polymer
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