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Molecular formula : H2O

nature : no foul tasteless liquid. Shallow virtually colorless, when the deep blue. Elements of the angular structure of the dipole elements. A gas, liquid, solid-state three. Extensive exists in nature. Accounted for almost three-quarters of the Earth's surface, water plants and animals in general accounted for about 70%. The boiling point of 100 ° C. Melting point, or 0 ° C were frozen. Water density in the four largest ° Cfor 1g/cm3. But when the ice density decreases. Large dielectric constant (80). Large heat capacity. Good thermal stability. General heating methods used to make it difficult to decomposition. Weak ionized water. Many substances can be dissolved, is the most important solvents. Energy and the sodium, potassium and calcium metal lively response emit hydrogen, and can be fluorine, chlorine, bromine and other non-metallic lively response, and alkaline oxide formation of alkali and acid oxides and acid produced by the reaction. Water is the survival of humankind and of industrial and agricultural production indispensable material.

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More Detailed Data:
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4) water
5) red water;ferruginous discharges
6) raw water
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9) soft water
10) bound water;hound moisture
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