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carboxyl functional acrylic resin
Molecular formula :

nature : this refers to join the (meth) acrylate, maleic anhydride monomer, with the (meth) acrylate monomer and copolymer made together with the carboxyl group of acrylate resin. These epoxy resin and curing reaction occurred heating cured with a good gloss, hardness, adhesion, stain resistance, resistance to the cleaner performance; But with hydroxy functional acrylic resin, compared weatherability, Bao Bao-color sexual weaker, not general outdoor use. Major machinery for light industry Painting require baking temperature of 175 to 170 ° C or higher. If the curing around 150 ° C, it is necessary to use alkaline catalyst. For more washing machines, refrigerators and other chemical resistance in the domestic industrial products.

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