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calcium carbonate
Molecular formula : CaCO3

nature : commonly known as limestone. A white crystal or powder. 2.95g/cm3 density of ~ 2.7. Acid soluble and emit carbon dioxide. Extremely difficult to dissolve in water. A heavy and light distinction. Natural products are limestone, calcite, such as chalk and marble. Carbon dioxide can be learned person limewater solution of sodium carbonate or calcium chloride solution with the role. Sodium carbonate or calcium chloride solution and role in the system. To be used in the production of cement, ceramics, lime, carbon dioxide, chalk, artificial stone, putty and make pigments, fillers, neutralizer, clearing agent, sugar clarification agents, and could make plastics, rubber filler. Cosmetics mainly light calcium carbonate, the content of 96.0%. For spindle-like or columnar fine white crystalline powder, odorless, tasteless. The relative density of 2.6 to 2.9. Mainly used toothpaste, in medicine for acid agent, in food for a booster dose of calcium, alcohol deacidification agent, water hardness agents. Calcium carbonate protection membrane calcium carbonate protective film refers to the water system piping or equipment formed on the layer of calcium carbonate uniform thin film, used to protect metal surfaces to prevent direct contact with the water by corrosion. The formation of the membrane with water saturation index, generally considered saturation index +0.6 to +1.0 in between, the calcium carbonate formed by the most stable membrane protection, anti-corrosion best results.

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More Detailed Data:
1) Limestone;Agstone;agricultural limestone;aragonite;atomite;bell mine pulverized limestone;calcite;calcium carbonate;carbonic acid, calcium salt;chalk;dolomite;domolite;franklin;lithograpic stone;marble;natural calcium carbonate;portland stone;sohnhofen stone;whiting;limestone,powder;flux lime
2) Carbonic acid calcium salt;Limestone;Marble;Calcium carbonate
3) lime carbonate;calcium carbonate
4) Calcium Carbonate
5) calcium carbonate
6) limestone
7) calcium carbonate
8) limestone
9) Limestone
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