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Molecular formula :

nature : (a) Magnoliaceae. (2) medicine. Gastrodia tuber dry. Gan, Ping. The main effect with Tianma, p methanol, sending Li-Xin, Tianma ether glycosides, vanilla alcohol, β - sitosterol, ,1,4, citric acid and its methyl ester alone, palmitic acid, succinic acid and other chemical components. With the wind Pinggan income Pain analgesia and sedation, anticonvulsant, lower blood pressure, slow heart rate, myocardial nutritional increase blood flow role. For headache dizziness, numbness, and children's convulsions, epilepsy seizure, tetanus.

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
1) gastrodia tuber;Rhizoma Gastrodiae
2) gastrodia tuber;rhisoma gastrodiae
3) Gastrodine
4) Gastrodin
5) gastrodine
6) Anesthesia
7) Cannabis sativa
8) Gastrodine
9) Halimasch;Armillaria mella
10) Armillarisin A
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