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natural polymeric chelant
Molecular formula :

nature : from the nature of the polymer chelating agents, the more common such as cellulose, alginate, chitin, anti-blood coagulation heparin, protein, etc.. They are elements within the N, O, S coordination atoms and suitable space structure. Many of them have metal ion sequestration, these chelating agents and metal ion reactions of chelates in physiology, biochemistry, agriculture and other fields of science plays a very important role.

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More Detailed Data:
1) polymeric chelant;polymeric chelating agent
2) chelant;chelating agent
3) natural polymeric compound;natural (high)polymer;natural macromolecular compound
4) mutidentate ligand;chelating agent
5) macromolecule;polymer
6) mixture;mist (ure)
7) polymer
8) polymer
9) polymer;macromolecular compound
10) molecule
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