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natural polymeric catalyzator
Molecular formula :

nature : it refers to a catalyst for the synthesis of airplanes has important significance to the application of the natural polymer catalyst is mainly involved in biological responses in vivo enzyme. Enzyme with high catalytic efficiency can be at room temperature and atmospheric pressure are usually completed in under high temperature and high pressure can be carried out chemical reactions; Enzyme also highly selective, in many cases, even specificity catalyst, the synthesis of optically pure product. Enzymes are connected by a variety of amino acid composition of protein-based polymers, most soluble in water, acid and alkali, high temperature, metal ions such sensitive, easily lost activity. After reaction the recovery is more difficult to solve the problem in the industrial application subject to certain restrictions.

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More Detailed Data:
1) polymeric catalyst
2) macromolecular catalyst;polymer catalyst
3) natural polymeric compound;natural (high)polymer;natural macromolecular compound
4) catalyst;catalytic agent
5) catalyst;catalyzer
6) macromolecule;polymer
7) molecule
8) molecule
9) polymer
10) polymer;macromolecular compound
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