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natural polymeric compound;natural (high)polymer;natural macromolecular compound
Molecular formula :

nature : short natural polymer. Compared to synthetic polymer, it is a natural mineral or polymer material, found in animals, plants or minerals within. If cellulose, chitin, bone collagen, the enzyme, glycogen, starch, protein, lignin, natural rubber, asbestos, mica, etc.. Often contain different polymer material or mineral impurities. Available physical or chemical purification methods, processing or modification. Widely used in agriculture and people's daily lives.

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More Detailed Data:
1) natural(high)polymer
2) polymeric compound;macromolecular compound
3) polymer;macromolecular compound
4) compound
5) macromolecule;polymer
6) nature high molecule adhesive
7) natural polymeric catalyzator
8) natural polymeric chelant
9) natural polymeric surfactant
10) chemical compound
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