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Molecular formula :

nature : one to remove armpit hair and the four limbs for the use of the special purpose cosmetics. Can be divided into two categories : (a) Inorganic shed agents, mainly alkali or alkaline earth metal sulphides, the drawback is the unpleasant odor; (2) Organic shed agents, mainly Sulfhydryl acetate. There will use physical methods of pulling the hair products (such as hair removal wax, plastic hair removal, etc.) and the use of chemical hair removal products (such as Tuimaogao, shed mousse, etc.) two categories, the use of the former would be more painful and inconvenient, has seldom use; While chemical hair removal is the use of its agent formula joined by the reducing agent (such as calcium thioglycolate) would constitute elements of the hair keratin disulfide reduction, which cut the hair fibers to achieve the purpose of hair removal.

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More Detailed Data:
1) unhairing;depilating
2) Acetic acid, mercapto-, calcium salt;Calcium mercaptoacetate;Calcium thioglycollate;mercapto-acetic aci calcium salt;calcium thioglycolate;depil;ebacream;jully;mercaptoacetic acid calcium derivative
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