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microbial medicine
Molecular formula :

nature : from microbial drugs. Divided into three categories according to sources. (1) derived from microorganisms in whole or in part entities drugs : such as vaccines, vaccines, toxoid, anti-toxins, anti-serum; Diagnostic bacilli, serum, toxin, and the antigens for diagnosis or treatment with antibodies, such drugs Application alive in distant history, known as biological products. (2) from the initial microbial metabolites of drugs : such as microbial composition of the body skeleton macromolecules amino acids, nucleotides and coenzyme, the enzyme cofactor, such as vitamin-and body composition and metabolism, energy metabolism of the organic acids, alcohols, some of which are used as medicine . Owing to historical reasons, these drugs already on the classification of drugs into chemical or biological substances, are still inherited tradition continued. (3) derived from microbial secondary metabolites of drugs : antibiotics is the most important one category from microbial secondary metabolites of drugs in the control of infection, cancer treatment has played a major role. Antibiotics from outside the microbial secondary metabolites of drugs, commonly known as physiologically active substances, including enzyme inhibitors and inducers, immune regulator and cell function regulator, receptor agonists and antagonists as well as other pharmacological substances. To distinguish between antibiotics and, in 1990, Mona Han (Monaghan) would suggest that these substances known collectively as "biopharmaceutin", but has yet to be universally adopted.

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More Detailed Data:
1) drug;medicine
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4) drug;medicine;medicament
5) drug;medicine;medicament
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