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temperature jump
Molecular formula :

nature : temperature jump installations and reflective absorption measurement of temperature using a cylindrical sample pool jump the cross-section. Cuvette materials usually heat - or poly Chlorotrifluoroethylene polymers. Platinum electrode is the. Tapered Lens windows, and is able to withstand ultraviolet light produced by the quartz. The temperature perturbation is to charge high voltage (U0) capacitors have a strong current in a short period of time I respond tanks through the electrolyte and the heat effect of temperature jump, the reaction from the pool of platinum electrodes and test the quartz window composition, temperature jump change the gradient function for the dT / dt = Explain / ρ CpV, T = T0 + ρ Cp< CU02/2 / SUB>V [1 - exp (-2t/RC)], when C = 0.1 µ F, U0 nm = R = 50 ohms (tank resistance), V = 2ml, discharge time t = 4 μ s, the temperature may have jumped into T-T0 = 5K, for the tank with high conductivity, often in response to add inert liquid electrolyte.

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