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parietin;emodin-7-methyl ether;lichen chrysophanic acid
Molecular formula :

nature : Emodin also known as 7 - ether. Orange yellow needle-like crystals (from recrystallization acetate). The temperature of 206 ° C to 207. Insoluble ethanol, acetone, soluble in benzene. Case of sodium hydroxide was red purple. The concentrated sulfuric acid red. As a lichen anthraquinone pigments. Exist in lichens rupprechtii parietina Z. Fr. Aspergillus and glaucum (Aspergillus glaucus group), and Ferrand rhamnose (Rhamnus frangula L.) bark, leaf-rhubarb (Rheum undulatum L.), Claws rhubarb (R. tanguticum Maxim) the rhizomes. Derived from the extraction. For natural dyes.

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More Detailed Data:
1) physcione;parietin;rheochrysidin
2) methyl ether;dimethyl ether
3) Diethyl ether;1,1'-Oxybisethane;Ether;Ethyl ether;Diethyl oxide;Ethoxyethane
4) Dimethyl ether;Oxybismethane;Methyl ether;Methyl oxide;Wood ether;Methane, oxybis-
5) methyl ether;dimethyl ether
6) methyl ether
7) Dimethyl ether;Methyl ether;oxybis-Methane;demeon d;dimethyl oxide;dme
8) Chrysophanic acid
9) chrysophanol;chrysophanic acid;3-methylchrysazin
10) Ethyl ether;1,1'-oxybis-Ethane;Diethyl ether;1,1'-oxybisethane;3-oxapentane;aether;anaesthetic ether;anesthesia ether;anesthetic ether;diaethylaether;diethyl oxide;dwuetylowy eter
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