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nitrocellulose lacquer thinner;thinner for nitrocellulose lacquer
Molecular formula :

nature : also known as paint thinner. Commonly known as the banana water, water that letter. By esters, alcohols, ketones, organic solvents such as benzene from the preparation of a Class diluent. Which ketone, ester solvent Nitrocellulose Liquor is the true solvents, alcohol solvent is Nitrocellulose Liquor auxiliary solvent and solvent benzene Nitrocellulose Liquor can not be used to separate the solvent, the formula has played only diluted, in order to reduce costs. Ester, a higher proportion of ketone solvents, thinners, good solubility suited for nitro varnish, enamel, Primer diluted use; Ester, ketone solvent ratio is low, the solubility of inadequately for low-pyroxylin lacquer thinner and Primer, or for washing Nitrocellulose Liquor construction tools and supplies.

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More Detailed Data:
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