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zinc Zn
Molecular formula :

nature : 12 people (IIB) elements. Atomic number 30. Stable isotope 64,66,67,68,70. 7.133g/cm3 density. 419.4 ° C melting point. The boiling point 902 ° C. +2 Oxidation state. Silver and white (the Blue). Extensible pure zinc, with small amounts of impurities will become more brittle. -272.1 ° C to form superconductors. Chemical properties more lively. The air slowly oxidized gray protective oxide film. Zinc powder combustion generation blue and green flame and zinc oxide fumes. Can dissolved in acid and alkali. The humid air generated basic zinc carbonate surface coverage. Major mineral sphalerite, red zinc, smithsonite. Sphalerite from other burnt by the melting zinc oxide, such as reuse of coke reduction in crude zinc, fractionation or electrolytic method was pure zinc. Zinc is an important trace elements in the human one. Large system for zinc alloy and dry (such as mercury and zinc silver zinc batteries, etc.). Also for the protection coating.

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