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calcium sulfite
Molecular formula : CaSO3 1/2H2O

nature : the six-party colorless or white crystalline powder. Over 250% lost 1 / 2 crystal water. Soluble sulfate. Very little water soluble. The air gradually oxidized calcium sulfate. By sodium sulfite and calcium sulfate decomposition reaction of rehabilitation in the system. Sulfur dioxide can also gain access to milk of lime and ongoing activity. For food preservatives, disinfectants brewing industry, the fiber dechlorination bleaching agent.

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More Detailed Data:
1) calcium sulfite
2) calcium sulfite
3) Calcium sulfite;Sulfurous acid, calcium salt;sulfurous acid, calcium salt;calcium sulphite;calciumsulfite;Sulfurous acid,calcium salt
4) calcium sulfite
5) Calcium sulfite,dihydrate
6) Sulfuric acid, calcium salt;anhydrite;anhydrous calcium sulfate;anhydrous gypsum;anhydrous sulfate of lime;calcium sulfate
7) calcium sulfate
8) Calcium sulfate hemihydrate
9) calcium sulfate
10) Calcium sulphate
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