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liquid membrane
Molecular formula :

nature : a liquid material for the film. Divided into film and emulsion liquid membrane supported liquid membrane two. The emulsion film is actually a "water-oil-water" type or the "oil-water-oil" type of double-emulsion dispersion system, which consists of membrane phase, and within the packet is the continuous phase (Foreign Secretary). Membrane films including solvents, surfactants and additives three components. Membrane phase and phase composition packages within the emulsion droplet diameter of 0.1 to 5 mm, which is micro-drop packets, the diameter of 0.001 ~ 0.1mm. Usually within packets phase and the continuous phase is the immiscible. Material will be isolated from the continuous phase by the membrane with opposite phase within the packet transmission. The mass transfer process is completed, using methods such as electrostatic cohesion demulsification. Supported Liquid Membrane film is firmly adsorbed on porous support the microporous, both sides of the membrane with the membrane is incompatible materials dissolved in liquid phase and stripping. The components to be separated from the liquid material by the porous support of the film is stripping away the pass.

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