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Molecular formula : CH3CH2NHNH2

nature : with the smell of ammonia liquid hygroscopicity. Boiling point of 99.5 ° C (94.525kPa). Able to dissolve in water, alcohol, ether, chloroform, benzene. Case of moist air that made breathing. A corrosive. Erosion can rubber, cork. The reduction of the disk's solution. May chloroform and potassium hydroxide caused southwest response. With iodine can be made of ethane 1,2-diethyl-hydrazine. Made with potassium cyanate B (ICC) semicarbazide. By ethyl by hydrazine sulfate for Preparation of Ethyl. For organic synthesis. Kraft their derivatives : Crystal Plate (from hot ethanol recrystallization) melting point of 110 ° C to 120.

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
1) Hydrazine;hydrazine anhydrous;hydrazine base;hydrazyna;hydrazyna (polish);nitrogen hydride;Hydrazin;Diamid
2) 2-Hydrazinoethanol;2-hydroxyethylhydrazine;beta-hydroxyethylhydrazine;boh;brombloom;2-hydrazino-ethano;hydroxyethyl hydrazine;n-(2-hydroxyethyl)hydrazine;omaflora;N-(2-Hydroxy ethyl)hydrazine
3) 2-Hydrazinoethanol;2-Hydroxyethylhydrazine;Omaflora;N-(2-Hydroxy ethyl)hydrazine
4) Hydrazine;Hydrazine base;Diamine;Hydrazine anhydrous
5) hydrazine
6) hydrazine
7) hydrazine
8) hydrazine
9) HydraZine, methyl-;Hydrazinomethane;Methylhydrazine
10) Methylhydrazine
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