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Molecular formula : = CH2 H2C

nature : under normal temperature and pressure with the sweet colorless flammable gas. -169.15 ° C melting point. -103.71 ° C boiling point. The relative density Dg (Air = 1) .9852; The relative density of 0.566. Almost insoluble in water and slightly soluble in ethanol, dissolved in ethyl ether, acetone and benzene. Explosion scope of 2.7% to 36.0% (Moore). As with the double bond molecular structure and chemical nature of lively, we can generate their own polymerization polymer, and can be pro-electronic-chemicals produced by the reaction is a series of important industrial value of the derivatives. Major chemical polymerization reaction, oxidation, halogenation, oxychlorination, alkylation, hydration, oligomerization and carbonyl and so on. Industrial method primarily petroleum hydrocarbons (naphtha, ethane, liquefied petroleum gas, light diesel, etc.) for raw materials, high-temperature furnace administered by pyrolysis, pyrolysis gas by heat recovery, compression, purification and distillation, separation of the production of ethylene, propylene and cogeneration, C4 (butadiene, butene, etc. ), pyrolysis gasoline (aromatics), EPA deputy middle distillates, methane-and hydrogen cracking diesel, heavy oil. Ethylene is the most important industrial organic chemistry of the basic raw material, the production marks a national petrochemical industry. Preparation for the main polyethylene, ethylene oxide and ethylene glycol, acetaldehyde and acetic acid, vinyl chloride and 1,2-dichloroethane, ethylbenzene and styrene, ethanol and high-carbon alcohol, alpha-olefins, vinyl acetate and the organic polymer materials for the chemical industry and other industrial processing further use.

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More Detailed Data:
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2) ethylene;ethene
3) ethylene;ethene
4) ethylene
5) Ehtylene
6) Fluoroethylene;Fluoroethene;Vinyl fluoride;Monofluoroethylene
7) Vinyl chloride;Chloroethene;Chloroethylene;Ethene, chloro-
8) bromo-ethylen;bromoethene;bromoethylene;bromure de vinyle
9) Ethyl vinyl ether;Ethoxyethene;Ethoxyethylene
10) Ethyl vinyl ether;ethoxy-Ethene;Ethoxyethene;Ethoxyethylene;ether, ethyl vinyl;agrisynth eve
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