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nature : plasticized (plasticizing) for the use of physical or chemical methods to increase the plasticity of polymers can process. The polymers can improve mobility, flexibility, hardness, tensile strength, elastic modulus, bending, Impact, elongation and flexibility while reducing brittleness. Can be divided into plasticized (also known as external plasticizer, external plasticization) and within plasticized (also known as internal plastination, internal plasticiza-tion) two. Outside plasticized plasticizer is to join the polymers or their solution. Within plasticized through chemical methods to improve the plasticity of the polymers. Plasticizer to add the role of the plastic additives. Major varieties are : phthalate esters, alkyl benzene sulfonic acid esters, dibasic esters and polyol esters, etc.. Mainly for PVC, the total consumption of over 80%. Plasticizer into thermoplastic resin coating, the coating can increase flexibility, improve adhesion, coating overcome so hard and brittle crack shortcomings. Varieties phthalate ester, phosphate and chlorine compounds, adipic acid esters, sebacic ester type. The cellulose nitrate and other cellulose, vinyl resins, rubber derivatives such as paint manufacturers, the need to use plasticizers.

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2) plasticizer
3) plasticizer
4) Hexanedioic acid, polymer with 1,2-propanediol, esters with C11-17-fatty acids
5) co-plasticizer
6) primary plasticizer;solvent type plasticizer
7) internal plasticizer
8) external plasticizer
9) epoxy plasticizer
10) plasticizer extender
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