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Molecular formula :

nature : contain no volatile solute solution, the solvent in the surface of the liquid vaporization of the phenomenon. Because at the same time escape from the surface of the molecule is greater than the number entered from the outside surface of the liquid molecule. In any temperature can conduct. Evaporation, from the surrounding liquid to be absorbed heat, so the higher the temperature, evaporation sooner. Under the same conditions, various liquid evaporation different pace. For example, alcohol faster than water, sea water than fresh water slowly. In the chemical process, the evaporation refers to the portion of heating solution solvent vaporization been condensed or precipitated solid solute process. Evaporation is a prerequisite for continuous supply of heat and constantly ruled out by the steam. Vapor exclusion, the general condensation method, use of inert gases away France. The evaporation at or below the boiling point when the boiling point. The former is faster, so often used for industrial boiling evaporation. Evaporation can at atmospheric pressure, vacuum or under pressure. For some organisms, in the atmosphere will lead to evaporation oxide, plastic or other adverse effects to vacuum evaporation (known as vacuum evaporation) - thirds.

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