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evaporator;evaporating installation
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nature : also known as the evaporators. Evaporation used for the operation of equipment. By heating and evaporation Room 2 Room components. Heating chamber of steam heating solution will make it part of the boiling, but some equipment is another boiling room. Evaporation room known as the separation chamber, is part of the gas-liquid separation. Heating Room (Room or boiling) generated by the boiling steam with a lot of liquid suds to a larger space in the separation chamber, liquid suds of their own indoor pool or mist eliminators, etc. to the role and steam separation. Steam used vacuum pump primer for condensation to the condenser, condensate discharge from the bottom. Evaporator variety, structure also varies. Under the principle of cycle can be divided into natural circulation evaporator, forced circulation evaporator, the single evaporator, but also according to the principle of operation of the classification. Widely used in the chemical and food industries. According to the evaporator concentration products out of direct measurement, control evaporator products was expected size of the product flow stability in a particular concentration within the tolerance control methods. Direct measurement of the concentrations of products are REFRACTOMETER method, the proportion of law and Experimental Analysis of Law. Under pressure evaporator changes in the solution to the boiling point of impact and the boiling point of water, is consistent pressure in a certain scope changes, the concentration of solution boiling point and the boiling point of water (saturated steam temperature) that the temperature difference between the basic principles remain unchanged using thermoelectric materials reflect the concentration control method. Commonly used in the evaporator pressure instability or changes significantly occasions. This way the liquid temperature measurement point and the vapor temperature measurement point for the choice of control effect a great influence on the practical application is key. According to materials within the evaporator concentration and temperature, a function of pressure, temperature and concentration of substitute materials as charged, so as heating steam flow control volume control methods. Commonly used in the evaporator pressure more stable, particularly on the technology concentration and temperature have strict requirements of the occasion. Evaporator operation was required to maintain a constant evaporation of the medium level. Purpose is to the fixed evaporator heat transfer area to improve thermal efficiency. In addition, the evaporator operators often best to maintain a constant pressure to reduce steam consumption and reduce material losses, increase output and quality. Evaporator level of the main means of control is evaporator feed and discharging. Level Measurement attention to the following issues : the boiling solution could easily lead to false bubble level; Evaporator confined containers which must maintain a certain pressure; Evaporation of the enrichment process, will increase in the concentration measurement mouth plug.

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