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n-butanoic acid;n-butyric acid
Molecular formula :

nature : Alias GABA. Under normal temperature for the colorless, oily liquid with the stench of corruption butter. -4.26 ° C melting point. Boiling Point 163.5 ° C The flash point of 77 ° C (open cup). ND201.3980 refractive index. D4200.9577 relative density. With water, ethanol and ether immiscibility. Industrial production is the butyraldehyde oxidation, low acrylamide Oxo the butyraldehyde, is oxidized by air or by the acid is butyraldehyde, is the oxidation of alcohol or sugar, glycerin the optimum fermentation obtained. Preparation for various major is butyrate as food flavor, cellulose butyrate Preparation for the painting and molding, and the preparation for small organic chloride synthesis.

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More Detailed Data:
1) n-Butyric acid;Ethylacetic acid;Butanoic acid;Propylformic acid;Butyric acid;n-Butanoic acid
2) n-Butyric acid;Butanoic acid;butyric acid;1-propanecarboxylic acid;acide butyrique;butanic acid;buttersaeure;butyrate;ethylacetic acid;kyselina maselna;n-butanoic acid;propylformic acid
3) n-butyric acid;n-butanoic acid
4) n-butyric acid;n-butanoic acid
5) butyric acid;butanoic acid
6) butyric acid
7) n-Butyric acid;Butyric acid
10) butyric acid;butanoic acid
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