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aliphatic amine;fatty amine
Molecular formula :

nature : ammonia molecule part or all of hydrogen by alkyl chain fatty replacement of the product, a primary amine, SIN amines and tertiary amine three. Carbon gas is lower, with a similar ammonia odor; Medium carbon is liquid; The higher carbon number is solid, with a very faint smell or odor. Along with the increase in molecular weight, density increases, higher boiling point, reduce water-soluble. Chemical properties and is similar to ammonia. Its basic than ammonia, with the formation of acid salts, hydrochloric acid and acetic acid with the formation of the salt will dissolve in water. A fat nitrile as raw material, through catalytic hydrogenation from the corresponding low-level Primary and Secondary, Tertiary aliphatic amines. Extensive use of cationic surfactants and surfactant other raw materials. Yes manufacture of synthetic dyes, synthetic drugs and synthetic detergent and other raw materials. Mainly used for fiber softener. Industrial production aliphatic amine most natural source of fatty acids in raw materials, and ammonia can be halogenated alkanes derived role.

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