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aliphatic alcohols;fatty alcohol
Molecular formula :

nature : alkane molecules of one or more hydrogen atoms replaced by hydroxy compounds formed. Hydroxy fatty alcohol can be as the number called, one yuan alcohol, alcohol binary, ternary alcohols, hydroxyl-containing two or more of alcohol, as the total polyol. Hydroxy can also be connected to the carbon atoms is Burton (1) carbon, SIN (second) or tert-carbon (3rd) carbon atoms, known as the Bo-ol, SIN alcohol, tert-alcohol. Alcohol is the structural transparent colorless liquid. C12 more straight-chain alcohols solid. Industry usually C6 above one yuan aliphatic alcohols as high alcohols. Low-carbon saturated straight chain alcohols one yuan primary alcohols boiling point than similar molecular weight alkanes to the boiling point is much higher. Straight-chain saturated one yuan alcohol boiling point, melting point and density with the increase in molecular weight of the law to be increased. The isomers of fatty alcohol, branched-chain, the more the lower the boiling point. Fatty alcohol molecules containing hydroxy more boiling point, the higher solubility in water greater. Hydroxy fatty alcohol because there can often occur metal replacement reaction, halogenated reaction, the reaction is, esterification reactions, dehydration and oxidation reactions and dehydrogenation. Low-carbon fatty alcohol production mainly Oxo, olefin legitimate and water fermentation, high-carbon fatty alcohol production mainly Oxo, Ziegler synthesis, hydrogenation of oils or fatty acids law. Light alcohol use is very widespread, is an important basic raw materials and organic solvents. Higher alcohols used primarily as plasticizers (C6 ~ C11) and detergents (C18< C12 ~ / SUB>) raw materials.

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