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aliphatic ethers
Molecular formula : R-O-R'

nature : a price of two fatty alkyl and one oxygen atom is connected to the compound. (R and R 'is alkyl) R and R' is also known as symmetric ether; R and R 'is not also known as asymmetric or mixed ether ether. A ether ether and as a gas, most of the rest of volatile liquid water than light. Right acid, alkali and dilute Grignard reagent, such as ineffective. Nature relatively stable.

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
1) Fat ether
2) ethers
3) Fat
4) fat;neutral fat
5) Fat
6) Diethyl ether;1,1'-Oxybisethane;Ether;Ethyl ether;Diethyl oxide;Ethoxyethane
7) Ethyl ether;1,1'-oxybis-Ethane;Diethyl ether;1,1'-oxybisethane;3-oxapentane;aether;anaesthetic ether;anesthesia ether;anesthetic ether;diaethylaether;diethyl oxide;dwuetylowy eter
8) ether(s)
9) Ether
10) Ether
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