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fat;neutral fat
Molecular formula :

nature : also known as fat (fat). Yes fatty acid glyceride. Including an acid, adipic acid glyceride, three acid ester (triacylgly - cerols, TG, also called triglycerides), and the former in a very small amount of natural existence, it means TG fat, animal or vegetable fat storage cells of the main components. Habits put at room temperature for liquid called oil, claimed solid fat. Its melting point depends on the fatty acid composition of the nature, or containing short-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids were lower melting point. The fat component of natural fatty acids are a few exceptions to a few straight-chain fatty acid carbon atoms, the most common of the saturated fatty acids palmitic acid (C16) and stearic acid (C18), saturated fat oleic acid (C18 : 1, # 9). Vegetable oils contain a high level of unsaturated fatty acids, which is liquid. Which linoleic acid (C18 : 2, # 9, 12), linolenic acid (C18 : 3; # 9,12) is a human prostaglandin synthesis. Thromboxane and leukotriene of raw materials, but the human body can not be synthesized, to be food supply, said the essential fatty acids. The main function of fat for energy, energy storage, 1g fat oxidation can allay 37.7kJ, with a large quantity of sugar more than doubled, fat hydrophobic, the body size of the storage is only the same quantity of sugar yuan 1 / 4.

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