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Molecular formula :

nature : two-phase system, which is from a very small sub-particles (usually in colloid size range), with distribution in the entire Great material asked, said the dispersed phase particles or comparable large material known as the continuous phase, or the Foreign Secretary. Under natural conditions, this distribution is usually uneven, but in a controlled manner can improve uniformity. Accession is wetting agent or dispersants (surfactants), such as fatty acids. The system may be different : gas / solids (plastic foam); Liquid / Gas (fog); Gas / liquid (foam); Solid / gas (smoke); Liquid / Liquid (emulsion); Solid / Liquid (100); And solid / solid (carbon black in rubber). Some forms, such as milk and rubber pulp by the stability of the protective colloid attachment particle coating to prevent the spread of the assembly. Solid in the liquid colloidal dispersion (not strictly called solution), joined by the electrolyte and particles and the charge to settle down. Larger particles will gradually rise or sink assembly depending on the density of its set.

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More Detailed Data:
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