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spandex fibre
Molecular formula :
MW :

nature : also known as polyurethane fibers. From the main chain structure contains the following sections carbamate chain made of polymer fibers. Change R, R ', the availability of many types of poly carbamate. The long chain poly carbamate is basically the line-block copolymer, by molecular imbalances in the role longer block the molecular role of the workforce through shorter block carbamate bond linking phase. So flexible. Spandex fibers of the physical properties and chemical properties superior to the natural latex silk, the oxidation stability of the solvent, sweat and low light sensitivity. A nude silk, silk and packet-coated heart silk. Worldwide about 80% of dry spinning solution, can be obtained 2-256 special fibers, spinning high-speed (up to 1000 m / min), small footprint devices. Spandex not generally used alone, but to the introduction of a small amount of fabric. Widely used for the production of elastic fabrics, such as socks mouth, furniture covers, ski clothing, shirts, panties, gloves, belt, shirt, bra, etc..

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