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nature : CaMg (CO3) 2 trigonal system. Was rhombohedral crystal body. Clusters are usually granular. Gray, sometimes microstrip light yellow, light brown, light green. Glass luster. Hardness 3.5-4.0. TI density. Parallel Link cleavage face and body completely. Cold case hydrochloride slow foaming. In the metallurgical industry, and for basic refractories BF flux; Some used to extract magnesium metal; Also used to make FCMP, magnesium sulfate; In addition, it may make ceramics, glass ingredients. Dolomite is mainly composed of dolomite carbonate. It is often mixed with calcite, clay minerals, gypsum and other impurities. Limestone appearance very similar, but the drop in diluted hydrochloric acid (5%) not only weak or foam. The use of dolomite with dolomite, as a result of more dense and massive stone building can be done.

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More Detailed Data:
1) dolomite
2) dolomite
3) Calcium magnesium carbonate, light;Ground dolomite;dolomite (camg(co3)2);calcium magnesium carbonate;dolomite powder;Calcium magnesium carbonate,light;mirror stone;pearl spar;taraspite
4) Limestone;Agstone;agricultural limestone;aragonite;atomite;bell mine pulverized limestone;calcite;calcium carbonate;carbonic acid, calcium salt;chalk;dolomite;domolite;franklin;lithograpic stone;marble;natural calcium carbonate;portland stone;sohnhofen stone;whiting;limestone,powder;flux lime
5) dolomite brick
6) dolomite brick
7) dolomite powder
8) dolomite ore;dolostoneore;dolomitite ore
9) dolomite refractory material
10) tar-bonded dolomite brick
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