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fatty acid;aliphatic acid
Molecular formula :
MW :

nature : carboxyl and lipid acid alkyl connected. According to the different lipid alkyl can be divided into (a) saturated fatty acids (saturated aliphatic acid), containing saturated alkyl acid. HCOOH such as formic acid, acetic acid CH3COOH, stearic acid CH3 (CH2) 16COOH, palmitic acid CH3 (CH2) 14COOH. (2) unsaturated fatty acids (unsaturated aliphatic acid), which contain unsaturated acid alkyl. For example, acrylic CH2 = CH2CHCOOH, oleic acid CH3 (CH2) 7CH = CH (CH2) 7COOH. (3) Central acid (alicyclic carboxylic acid), the alkyl ester with Central Link. For example, ethane acid C6H11COOH Central. Many types of fatty acid and triglyceride fatty oil is the main component, which can be from the oil and fat obtained by the hydrolysis. Also available synthetic. The number of low-carbon liquid is colorless, odor stimulation, and water-soluble. Carbon number of oily liquid is slightly soluble in water, the smell of sweat. Several high-carbon is solid, do not dissolve in water. Fatty acids with effect from alkali salt, and alcohol ester derived role. For soap, synthetic detergents, lubricants and cosmetics.

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More Detailed Data:
1) fatty acid;aliphatic acid
2) Fatty acids, C18-unsatd., dimers, polymers with ethylenediamine, glycerol, isophthalic acid, pentaerythritol, tall oil and tall-oil fatty acids;fatty acids, c18-unsatd., dimers, polymers with ethylenediamine, glycerol, isop;hthalic acid, pentaerythritol, tall oil and tall-oil fatty acids;fatty acid
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4) essential fatty acid
5) saturated fatty acid
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