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vegetable tannin extract
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nature : also known as the extract. Bulk Powder or manufactured for sale, can be used for tanning. The major components of tannin (tannins) and non - tannin (tannins). Plant tannin from multi-phenol derivatives, complex structures, and its phenolic hydroxyl with skin collagen peptide chain amide hydrogen bonding base to generate more crosslinking occurred and produced using tanning. Plant tanning agent is enriched by containing tannic than the tanned plant root, stem, wood, leaves, bark, fruit and shell the nuts flooding extracts, after enrichment, made of dry powder formulations or bulk. Homemade vegetable varieties are larch, oak bowls, the scent fruit, Yangmei, and a small amount of grapefruit tangerine black wattle bark extract so. The main emphasis for tanning leather; Oranges and grapefruit black wattle bark extract may also be used as light leather tanning agent. Foreign better varieties of vegetable tanning agents are wattle bark, Caine wood, Limu, Uruha, such as Ke. Tanning addition, the plant is also used as tanning agent for water treatment, metal preservatives, adhesives, drilling mud diluent, the wood surface coatings, gas adsorbent with nets to protect fabrics and minerals calcite as the inhibitor.

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More Detailed Data:
1) vegetable tanning agent
2) tanning agent;tanning material
3) leaching liquor;leaching solution;extract
4) extract
5) extract
6) extract
7) tannin
8) gallotannic acid;tannin
9) Tannins;Tannin;Gallotannin;Tannic acid;Digallic acid;Larch tannin, extract
10) tannin
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