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nature : for the fight against human and animal diseases substances. The disease can be prevented by treatment of disease, reduce suffering, promote health, enhance the body's resistance to disease and help disease diagnosis. According to sources into natural and synthetic drugs. According role can be divided into : (a) the central nervous system drugs, such as the central nervous system drugs, sedative-hypnotics, antipsychotics, anticonvulsants, antiepileptic drugs, antipyretic analgesics; (2) respiratory drugs, such as cough medicine and expectorant drug, asthma drug; (3) digest System Drugs, such as guided laxative, antidiarrheal medicine, 337-1660, atiacids, antispasmodic agents; (4) autonomic nervous system drugs, such as the proposed cholinergic drugs, anticholinergics, to be adrenergic drugs, anti-adrenergic agents; (5) reproductive system drugs, such as uterine contraction drugs, the pill, estrogen and androgen; (6) the circulatory system drugs, such as cardiac medicine, antiarrhythmic drugs to combat angina drugs, anti-hypertensive drugs, anti-shock drugs; (7) blood system drugs, such as hemostatic, anti-anemia drug; (8) hours Kim system drugs, such as the adrenal cortex hormones, sex hormones, hypoglycemic agents, anti-thyroid drugs; (9), urinary system drugs, such as diuretics, dehydration drugs; (10) anti-microbial drugs, such as antibiotics, anti-infection subsidiaries, anti - fungus drug, antiviral, anti-tuberculosis drug, sulfadoxine metandienone, furans drugs; (11) antiparasitic objects, such as anthelmintics drug antischistosomal drugs, anti-filarial drug, anti-amoebic drug, disease-resistant trichomoniasis, antimalarials; (12) antitumor drugs, such as alkylating agent, anti-drug metabolism, hormone; (13) vitamin; (14) antihistamine, for instance, antihistamine drugs, anti-drug halo; and so on. In recent years the major development (1) antibiotic drugs; (2), cardiovascular disease drug; (3) antineoplastic agents; (4) antipyretic analgesics; (5) mental illness drug; (6), parasitic diseases and medicines.

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More Detailed Data:
1) drug;medicine;medicament
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3) drug chemistry
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5) prodrug
6) medical paper
7) microbial medicine
8) bound drug
9) Pharmaceutical Chemistry
10) chiral drug
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