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acetonitrile;methyl cyanide
Molecular formula :
MW :

nature : CH3CN also known as methyl cyanide. A colorless liquid. There aromatic odor. Toxic! Density 0.7828. Refractive index 1.33934. -45 ° C melting point. Boiling point of 80-82 ° C. Dissolved in water and ethanol. When generating acid hydrolysis. Reduction Generation triethylamine. Can polymerization into two polymers and polymer 3. Vitamin B1 system for such drugs and spices, but also for the extraction of fatty acids, alcohol denaturing agents. Acetamide from dehydration, dimethyl sulfate and sodium cyanide, or by the acetylene and ammonia in the presence of catalyst role in the system. By the propylene oxidation by ammonification acrylonitrile a by-product. Industry also used acetamide made dehydration.

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More Detailed Data:
1) acetonitrile;methyl cyanide
2) acetonitrile;methyl cyanide
3) Acetonitrile;Methyl cyanide;Cyanomethane;Ethanemitrile
4) acetonitrile;methyl cyanide;cyanomethane;ethane-nitrile
5) Methyl cyanide;Cyanomethane;Acetonitrile
6) acetonitrile;methyl cyanide;Ethane nitrile
7) Acetonitrile;acetonitril;cyanomethane;cyanure de methyl;cyanure de methyle;ethanenitrile;ethyl nitrile
8) Acetonitrile
9) Bromoacetonitrile;Bromomethyl cyanide
10) chloroacetonitrile;chloromethyl cyanide
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