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guanidine nitrate
Molecular formula :
MW :

nature : H2NC (NH) NH2 HNO3 white granular solids. The temperature of 214 ° C to 216. Dissolved in water and ethanol, acetone - soluble. The decomposition temperatures explosion. System for explosives, disinfectants and photographic medicines. Cyanide can be ammonia (ICC) or calcium nitrate and dicyandiamide, or dicyandiamide with ammonium nitrate role in the system.

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
1) Guanidine Nitrate;Aminomethanamidine nitrate;Carbamamidinc nitrate;Carbamidine nitrate;Aminoform
2) guanidine nitrate;guanidine mononitrate
3) Guanidine, mononitrate;Uramine nitrate;Iminourea mitrate;Carbamidine nitrate;Guanidine nitrate
4) guanidine nitrate;ureamine nitrate;iminourea nitrate;carbamidine nitrate
5) Guanidine nitrate
6) Guanidine, mononitrate;Guanidine nitrate;Uramine nitrate;guanidinium nitrate;Iminourea mitrate;guanidinenitrate
7) guanidine nitrate
8) hydrazinecarboximidamide, mononitrate;aminoguanidine nitrate;Amino guanidine nitrate
9) Aminoguanidinium nitrate;Aminoguanidine nitrate
10) Amino guanidine nitrate
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