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nature : molecules of carbon atoms have only one button, the structure of hydrocarbon. Carbon atoms into the chain alkanes called alkanes (also referred to as peacetime alkanes), also known as the paraffin hydrocarbons (paraffin). CnH2n +2 formula is . CH4 such as methane, ethane C2H6, propane C3H8, exist in natural gas, oil, etc., do not dissolve in water. The more stable. Under appropriate conditions would have happened replacement, oxidation, pyrolysis reaction. For example, methane and a mixture of chlorine exposure to sunlight, can play a replacement reaction from CH3Cl such as methyl chloride. Mainly used for fuel, solvents and other organic chemicals. Carbon atoms into Central alkanes called cyclic alkanes (cycloalkane; Cycloparaffin), contains only one in Central cycloparaffins, is CnH2n formula is the same olefin isomers. Central propane, butane-prone Central open loop response, other cycloparaffins nature of the chemical similarity with the chain alkanes, and the most common is cyclopentane, cyclohexane, in the presence of certain oil. Mainly used for fuel, solvents and other organic chemicals.

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
1) alkane
2) paraffin
3) paraffin
4) naphthenes;cycloalkanes;cycloparaffins;naphthenic hydrocarbons
5) iso-Alkanes C13-C14;C13-C14 Isoparaffin
6) iso-Alkanes C13-C16;C13-C16 Isoparaffin
7) Cycloalkanes
8) hard paraffin
9) liquid paraffin;atolein(e);paraffin oil
10) Liquid Paraffin
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