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nature : photosensitive materials often include some modest, but will greatly improve the photographic emulsion physical and chemical properties of the material. It can be said not to give additive, the photosensitive material is almost useless waste. Fill a variety of additives, each plays a different role, such as additional flu agents, stabilizers, hardener, preservatives, surfactants, anti-fog agent, Antihalation agents.

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
1) additive;addition agent
2) additive
3) feed additive
4) paint additive
5) additive DE
6) additive DE
7) additive DE
8) plating additive
9) antirust additive;rust preventing additive
10) oiliness additive
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1) Demultiplexer, display apparatus using the same, and display panel thereof
2) Light emitting display
3) Light emitting diode display circuit with voltage drop compensation
4) Display control device of liquid crystal display apparatus, and liquid crystal display apparatus having same
5) Control device for display panel and display apparatus having same
6) LCD blur reduction through frame rate control
7) Source voltage removal detection circuit and display device including the same
8) Color display apparatus and semiconductor device therefor
9) Gradation voltage selecting circuit, driver circuit, liquid crystal drive circuit, and liquid crystal display device
10) Digital analog converter and electronic device using the same