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nature : also known as a catalyst, a category can change the speed at which the chemical reaction itself is not the final product into the molecular composition of the material. Catalyst can not change the thermodynamic equilibrium, the reaction process can only affect the speed of balance. To accelerate the reaction rate is Catalyst Catalyst said, who said the slowdown or alleviate the negative catalyst agent, usually the catalyst for correcting catalyst. Catalyst can be of a material or component of several substances, and can also be very complex structure of the system. Common : metal catalysts, metal oxide catalyst, catalyst sulfide, acid-base catalyst, complex catalyst, such as biocatalysts. Catalyst performance is the key indicators activity, selectivity and life. Most of the significance of industrial chemical conversion process is the catalyst for the next.

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More Detailed Data:
1) catalyst;catalytic agent
2) base catalyst
3) acid catalyst
4) biocatalyst;biological catalyst
5) iridium catalyst
6) negative catalyst
7) platinum catalyst
8) salt catalyst
9) palladium catalyst
10) alloy catalyst
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