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band dryer;band-type drying machine
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nature : Continuous pressure of a dryer. Mainly dry for small or fiber materials, such as coal, soap, wool, cotton and other fibers. The rectangular drying room, a conveyor belt (single band), or crossing a conveyor belt (Multi-band), to transport dry materials. Picture shows bring to a dryer, a conveyor belt from the canvas, rubber and glues fabrics, made of metal nets, set to roll in, driven by gear and the needed direction. While drying medium (usually hot air) by finned tube preheater and material into wrong or countercurrent flow (applicable to the metal belt) in the direction of flow of moisture (usually water) brings out after vaporization device outside. Wet material from the feeder involved in the small plains and fell in the most put on a transport, were shipped from the extreme left to subguadratic after next fall onto a transport. As a conveyor belt under the direction of a band Ibid contrary, the material from being transported to subguadratic extreme left. Such repeated transmission with hot air and direct contact, continuous drying, from the most under a belt discharge into the room.

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More Detailed Data:
1) band dryer;band-type drying machine
2) dryer;drier
3) desiccator;exsiccator
4) Dryer
5) gelatin band dryer
6) dryer;drier
7) drying equipment;dryer;drying machinary
8) band
9) dunn bass;horse-stone;horse;band;intercalated bed;interlayer
10) band
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