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nature : battery components, metals (electronic conductor), and its close contact with the electrolyte (ion conductor) constitute. In the metal electrode - electrolyte interface electrode reaction occurred, and through the metal electrode - output or input current, or with the outside world (the battery environment) for the exchange of power. Habit often put electrodes directly on the metal parts as electrode, such as platinum electrodes, graphite electrodes. In the metal electrode - electrolyte interface can also exist other material, electrode reaction complicated, and given electrode different names, such as calomel electrode, nickel oxide electrodes. If the electrode is a semiconductor electronic conductor, which is the semiconductor electrode. The composition of various electrode can be very different, they are merely on the basis of naming the habit, there is no generally accepted rules. Electrode expression : silver electrode for < Ag-Ag + / sup>; Calomel electrode for Hg-Hg2Cl2-Cl- , as one of the electronic conductor, the other end of the ion conductor, every one "-" indicated the existence of an interface.

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