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potential;electric potential
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nature : space in a particular position is a potential charge from the units is unlimited distance (zero potential) to the position by the consumption of electricity. Potential Energy is the intensity factor, it is the unit volt (V, volt). Space is located two positions 1 and 2, respectively, for their potential φ 1 and φ 2, position location for a potential difference between the two ?φ = φ 2 - φ 1; Accordingly, the potential E φ = 1 - φ 2. Electrochemical used in the latter more often called potential in the industrial or everyday life was often known as voltage (voltage). When the unit through a harsh Positive Phase A of the material interface, as a result of the A interface exists on the surface electrical potential, value is uncertain, so a material phase in a particular position "absolute" potential impossible to determine, not measurement, it is capable of measuring the same phase, two different spaces Purchase of potential difference ?φ or potential E. For example, the use of electricity or potentiometer voltage measurement scale it is the two ends of the joint column (all brass components of the same phase) between the electric potential. In English potentials and potential of these two concepts used the same word, potential, Translation often confused. In fact, when there was a "potential", "potential" or "voltage" when the words are generally refers to "potential drop," that is potential; Only in Theory, the "potential" of the concept it to be useful.

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