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nature : laboratory to remove the wet material and the preservation of water drying material from the wet glass apparatus. Thick plate, a thick cover. Grinding mouth Department or smear Vaseline petroleum jelly and beeswax (1:1, heating mixing) of the mixture to remain sealed. Dish separated in a hole porcelain plate, the general added on top of the material was dry, place the appropriate amount of desiccant, such as anhydrous calcium chloride, silica, concentrated sulfuric acid. Here, there is a vacuum dryer equipped with a valve to control exhaust, and drying time could be shortened.

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
1) Dryer
2) dryer;drier
3) band dryer;band-type drying machine
4) vacuum dryer
5) air dryer
6) counter-flow drier;countercurrent flow dryer
7) pneumatic dryer
8) vacuum dryer
9) Rotary Dryers
10) Vacuum Dryer
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