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polymeric catalyst
Molecular formula :
MW :

nature : a pair of chemical reactions catalyzed polymer. The organism is a high enzyme activity and high selectivity of the natural polymer catalyst, it is a water-soluble, so in the industrial application restrictions, which also developed a water-insoluble immobilized enzyme -- a semi-synthetic polymer catalyst. The current development and application of synthetic polymer catalyst mainly ion exchange resin catalyst and the two types of polymer-metal catalyst. More organic or inorganic polymer for the skeleton, even in skeleton on a variety of catalytic functional groups. This catalyst is of high activity and selectivity, but also relatively stable, separation, recovery, it can re-use, and some also have optical activity of special functions. Now applied to a variety of organic reactions, organic synthesis and certain polymer synthesis reaction.

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More Detailed Data:
1) macromolecular catalyst;polymer catalyst
2) semi-synthetic polymeric catalyst
3) catalyst;catalytic agent
4) catalyst;catalyzer
5) natural polymeric catalyzator
6) synthetic polymeric catalyzator
7) metallic polymeric catalyzator
8) macromolecule;polymer
9) metal-containing reactive polymer
10) non-metallic synthetic polymeric catalyzator
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