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silicic acid
Molecular formula :
MW :

nature : Free State of silica, silicate H2SiO3 generally correct, the weak acid. Molecular Formula actual SiO2 nH2O written, the number of water molecules as the preparation of the conditions. Only in existence around 0 ° C, heating or drying reduces moisture gradually until 150 ° C silica finish the composition. To join the acid soluble silicate solution can be acid. Free the single-molecule acid, soluble in water, but gradually in the solution polymerization two elements, the three elements, the final form insoluble polymer molecules more to acquire a colloidal solution, said silica sol. If larger concentration of silicate, acid formed directly after wins acid gels, after dehydration in silica. This silicate term sometimes used silicon imaginary acid, such as H2SiO4, H2Si2O5 so.

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