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barium peroxide;barium dioxide;barium superoxide
Molecular formula :
MW :

nature : BaO2 white or gray powder. Toxic! Density 4.958. 450 ° C melting point. At 800 ° C lost part oxygen from barium oxide. Eight-BaO2 8H2O water is colorless crystal, density 2.292, in the loss of about 100 ° C crystallization of water. Both water-soluble and water-slow decomposition. Used for aluminum welding lit agent, bleaching agents, and for oxygen and hydrogen peroxide. Barium increase by hydrogen peroxide or oxygen at 500-520 ° C under high temperature oxidation by barium and prepared.

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More Detailed Data:
1) Barium peroxide;barium dioxide;barium peroxide;barium superoxide
2) barium peroxide;barium dioxide;bariumsuperoxide
3) barium peroxide;barium dioxide
4) barium peroxide
5) barium peroxide
6) Barium oxide;Barium oxide, anhydrous;barium monoxide;barium oxide;barium protoxide;baryta;oxyde de baryum;Barium oxide,anhydrous
7) barium oxide;baryta;barium
8) barium oxide;baryta;barium monoxide;barium protoxide
9) barium oxide
10) Barium oxide
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