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xanthan gum
Molecular formula :
MW :

nature : short Xc, also known as Xanthomonas campestris polysaccharides. Light tan powder. Size 60 to 80 head, viscosity Pago ?0.55 seconds (1% aqueous xanthan gum). PH 6.5 to 8.0. For a water-soluble hours soaking and mixing time is less than an hour, was to be sol-like. Shear than ?5.0 (6 transferred / sub-viscosity and the 60 transferred / sub-the viscosity ratio). Xanthan gum is a high molecular weight polymer carbohydrates. Both soluble in water, soluble in cold water, the lower the concentration can create high viscosity. Aqueous high pseudoplastic. A good stability, high-yield work. With salts 276005 Compatibility good health. Milk and half-Mannan good response. In industry for a variety of purposes stabilizers, thickeners and additives processing shops, including the production of canned and bottled food, bakery food, dairy products, frozen foods, salad condiments, beverages, brewing, candy, cakes colors assigned commodities. Production of food, easy mobility, emptying into the easy, easy pipes, and reduce energy consumption. When placed in other solid food, viscosity immediately revived. The food in the mouth, tongue and chewing formed by rotational shear stress, decreased viscosity, a cool feeling fine, which will help release the flavor. In addition, it may as oilfield chemicals, EOR. By containing sugars (such as glucose, sucrose, starch and starch hydrolysis) of the fermentation medium, the appropriate source of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium hydroxide two modest presence of trace elements from the wild rape XANTHOMONAS strains, fermentation, and then the extraction, drying, crushing processes in the system .

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