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agitated film evaporator
Molecular formula :
MW :

nature : also known as the Mixing film evaporator. Contents from a rotating impeller heating jacket shell composed pieces. Impellers in many forms, are in common use scraper, Lut sell. The scraper can swing, said Rotary Evaporator (rotatory evaporator). Scraper fixed in the rotation axis, said scraper evaporators (scraped film evaporator). Scraper (or rotor) close to the shell wall, the liquid raw materials from evaporator along the upper tangent direction for access, within the rotating blade driven rotating, liquid film is stirred constantly, and constantly redistributed. Because of centrifugal force, gravity and the scraping belt scraper, expected in the liquid formed on the inner wall of the film rotation. In easy to crystallize, easy scaling of materials and high viscosity materials sensitivity. But because consumption rates, can only be used Chuan thermosensitive material. However, as power consumption, heat transfer can only be used for smaller occasions.

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