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nature : also known as fat. One of the important tanning processes. To grease (animal or vegetable oil, mineral oil and liquids) into good Blank tanning leather. Plants such as the end of tanning leather, leather wheel, leather equipment, such as oil and can be filled with mixed materials applied directly in the face of bad leather, hot air into drum within grease into the leather, leather to enhance the physical strength, improve flexibility and waterproof and so on. If chromium tanning leather uppers, leather garments and other methods of fat emulsion is the Fatliquoring material in the 50-60 ° C water bath liquid drum into leather, this method called emulsion fuel (fat liquoring), refueling gram fiber can eliminate the mutual bond, improve flexibility and leather waterproof performance.

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More Detailed Data:
1) oiling of leather
2) finishing;oiling
3) pre-boiling
4) pre-boiling
5) pool boiling;natural-convection boiling
6) oil
7) wax deoiling
8) fatliquoring of leather
9) film boiling
10) pool boiling
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