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vacuum dryer
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MW :

nature : also known as a vacuum desiccator. Under the operating pressure of a classification type dryer. By the dryer itself, and condenser vacuum pump components. Can significantly reduce drying medium away by the heat loss, and easy to collect the materials from which the separation of value (or harmful) vapor. For example, box-type vacuum dryer, circular vacuum dryer, vacuum belt dryer, etc.. Thermosensitive applied to dry or explosive materials on the dangers, and from the wet material recovery solvent. Although more complex structure, the construction costs more, but still widely used in the chemical industry, especially in organic intermediates and dye industry.

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More Detailed Data:
1) vacuum dryer
2) dryer;drier
3) desiccator;exsiccator
4) Dryer
5) rotary drum vacuum dryer
6) rotary drum vacuum dryer
7) dryer;drier
8) drying equipment;dryer;drying machinary
9) vacuum dryer with rake
10) double cone rotary vacuum dryer
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