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polyurethane rubber
Molecular formula :
MW :

nature : short polyurethane rubber. Festival to carbamate chain-HN-C (: O) - O-duplicate modules consisting of a synthetic rubber. By dicarboxylic acid with Diol generated by the condensation of polyether or polyester, with two isocyanate from the condensation polymers. Polyester can be divided into two types, the type and polyether. Have a very good wear resistance, high tensile strength, good tear resistance and oxidation - resistant properties. Water or polyol (eg Trimethylolpropane) will handle the cross-formation. Vulcanizate the tensile strength and elongation are high. Oil-and neoprene similar. Airtightness similar with butyl rubber. But resistance to cold low (-20 ° C above), and lack of heat (130 ° C), water resistance and corrosion resistance are relatively poor. Used in the manufacture of tire tread, solid tires, oil hoses, conveyor belt, the transmission belt, the sandblasting equipment wear and accessories such as rubber soles. Using its radiation tolerance, as aerospace and nuclear industries with protective supplies. Carbamate poly foam rubber, with the low density, compression load, superior insulation characteristics, for insulation, noise and shock absorption, and so for aircraft upholstery, and clothing such as lining.

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