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nature : acrylamide by the polymerization of the thermoplastic resin. It is water-soluble resin. Usually powder and morphology two forms. Mainly used for the drilling mud additives, flocculants, yarn processing agent, mineral flotation fluid and additives such as soil improvers. By acrylamide by low temperature in aqueous solution polymerization system.

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More Detailed Data:
1) polycarylamide
2) 2-Propenamide homopolymer;Poly(acrylamide)
3) polyacrylamide
4) PAM;polyacrylamide
5) Polyacrylamide;PAM;2-Propenamide, homopolymer
6) polyacrylamide;PAM
7) Acrylamide;Propenamide;Acrylicamide;2-Propeneamide
8) Acrylamide
9) Acrylamide
10) acrylamide;propeneamide
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